Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Days are Here Again

Take a look.  I wasn't the only one venturing outside for the first taste of real sun with real warmth behind it.  The croci were too.

Crocus3 Crocus Bunch Crocus

And what do I spy with my little camera eye?  A scattering of  succulents.  :-)


The birds were out, too--but this isn't the first we've seen the cardinals and chickadees.  As you can tell, they squat all year long.  At least they are pretty squatters.

Cardinal Eating Cardinal Tree

But thanks to the temps, I could lay down a beach towel and . . .  well, not sun bathe, but make like a hunk o' innocuous junk in the yard.  That's how I got these closeups.

Cardinal on Sunflower Feeder Chickadee on Sunflower Feeder Cardinal Feeding on a Log

Conspiring Bees Until a bee much like these conspiring duo from last year came and buzzed me.

I'm afraid birds don't believe in the innocence of junk that screams and rolls around like a dog on fire.

Anyway, we all enjoyed the sun while it lasted.

Cardinal Feeding on a Log Jack with a Treat Sun Cat Spike Sunning Savana and Jack at the Pond


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